Did You Know Your House Can Save The Earth!

With so much emphasis on global warming and saving the planet these days, we all need to do everything within our power to make positive changes. That should start within your home. The property in which you live can damage the environment in many different ways, which is why thinking long and hard about your habits could be a wise move. By making small alterations to your daily routine, you could help to save the planet sooner rather than later. There’s a cool new infographic over at anglianhome.co.uk for anyone who wants some more information, but the ideas below will be a good place to start…

  • Change your light bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs may have been fine in the past, but these days there are environmentally friendly alternatives. CFL bulbs are recommended by almost every campaign group in the UK as they use 66% less energy.
  • Purchase rugs. While laminate flooring may look desirable, it causes your home to retain less heat. For that reason, purchasing some stylish rugs could result in a 6% energy usage reduction per year.
  • Move your fridge. You might not realise it, but having your fridge in direct sunlight will cause it to use more electricity. Moving it to a shaded area could stop that from happening.

As we said a little further up this page, there’s lots more information online if you’re interested. At the end of the day, we all have to do our bit. The future of the world depends upon it. Home Save The Eart Infographic By CurrencyFair

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