Top Ideas To Create The Ultimate Garden For Kids


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Our gardens have become one of the most versatile spaces in our homes. Thanks to the television makeover programs of the nineteen nineties onwards, we strive to provide pleasant surroundings where we can sit and soak up the sun. The garden is still a place for children to play; we should never forget that. A couple of generations ago, children could go and call for their friends and make their own unsupervised entertainment. Because our children do not have the freedom that was afforded to others decades ago, they must find things to occupy their time at home.

If money was no object, here are some top ideas to create the ultimate garden for kids; they deserve it.

Putting Green

Get your children interested in golf at a very young age. It could set them on the path to fame and fortune if they have a natural flair for the sport. You must set aside an area of the garden to use as a putting green with several holes. To make the green enjoyable, you must landscape the area to provide slopes and bumps.

To do that, hire a turf cutter from your local centre and remove all of the grass. Put it to one side for now. Next you must bring in some new topsoil and create features on the ground with it. Keep adding more soil and treading it down to make it firm until you are happy with the result. Replace the grass and water it well. All that you have left is to make the holes. Use plastic drain pipes to line them and put a few inches of gravel at the bottom to allow water to run away.

Tree House

If you have a mature garden with one or more sturdy trees, think about giving your kids a tree house of their dreams. You can build one yourself, but if you have a healthy budget, it is better to get the professionals in to design and erect one for you. Safety is always an issue with these structures, and the experts will know how to keep the little ones safe while they play. Ladders are dangerous, so the best tree houses have ramps or proper staircases. If you decide to make your own, here are a few tips.

  • You can support the house with stilts instead of the tree, but you can still build it among the branches and around the trunk.
  • Use bolts that will not harm the tree if you fix timber to it. Iron bolts will rust unless they have a protective coating.
  • Use tree house brackets instead of fixing timer directly to the tree. They allow the joists they support to move as the tree sways.
  • The tree house can be as strange and wacky as your imagination allows. It is unlike any other buildings that follow roughly the same designs.

When you construct a house, build the floor first. Only move on with the project when you are happy that the base is safe. Use a safety harness at all times when working at height.

Though you will have a design idea in your head, you must adapt it as necessary to suit the tree. That is why there are such fantastic structures out there. Have fun with it, and your kids will thank you.

Swimming Pool

A sunken swimming pool is one of the most desirable features for children. They are also a huge building project. Swimming pool construction is usually best left to the experts because mistakes can prove costly. When carried out to a high standard, it can increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell up and move out.

Here are some things you should consider when you install a pool in your garden.

  • Are there any services running under the ground where you want to put the pool? Think about gas, electricity, water, and sewage pipes. It might not be possible to relocate them, so your project could come to an immediate stop. On the other hand, the utility providers might move them for you but it will be expensive.
  • The shape of the pool is vital. Do you prefer sexy curves or does a rectangular geometric shape interest you?
  • Think about how deep the pool should be.  Most of them have one end very shallow and the other end deep. It is a matter of safety and enjoyment. It doesn’t matter how hard you try; sometimes we lose sight of our child for a second or two. Is it a good idea to have an area of the pool too deep for them to stand? Perhaps it would be a good idea to build a temporary platform in the deep end until they are older and able to swim.
  • You must construct a small building to house the filtration equipment. You will also need to add chemicals to the water to kill nasty bacteria. Some people hire a contractor to service the setup for them on a regular basis. It is wise to leave it to the experts.

Ask any child what they want in their garden and swimming pool will be their first choice.

Paddling Pool

If a large pool is beyond your reach, think about building a paddling pool instead. They are easy to make. You dig a hole and buy a fibreglass liner to sink into it. Line the hole with sand to prevent any damage to the liner from sharp stones. There are filters available to keep the water clean, though it is easy to pump it out and refill the pool with fresh water whenever you want. Build a slide that ends in the water and use a low-voltage pump to make a fountain under which they can play.

The budget available will determine the extent of your garden projects. Even if that budget is small, there are things you can do. Things might appear cheap to us but look different through a child’s eyes. They don’t see the object, they see the possibilities.

Have fun out there and enjoy the sound of laughter. When you hear that, you know your efforts are a success.



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