Smart Improvements To Make Your Home Worth More



It is always nice to know that your home is worth more now than when you first bought it. Because house prices rise, you could just carry out maintenance and wait until it is worth more, but most people enjoy making improvements to their property.

But what improvements are best? You will probably need to invest some of your savings to pay for them, but it is money well spent if you are wise. Here are some smart improvements to make your home worth more.

Central Heating

If the house has no heating or cooling, you should install some. It will increase in value and be a more comfortable place to live than it is now. Look for experts who deal in heating and air conditioning in Toronto or within your local area. They will quote a price and perform a professional installation to the current regulations.


If the wiring in the home is ancient, it will reflect in the price. If you should ever sell the building, the new owners must spend money on a rewire. Perhaps you have an electrician in the family who will help you out. It is a messy job that intrudes into every room, but it is an essential one that you must not ignore.

New Bathroom And Kitchen

Install a new bathroom and kitchen using high-quality fixtures and fittings. It is these rooms that people scrutinise when looking for potential properties. If you refit them to a high standard, they will increase the value of your home.

Loft Conversion

More people are choosing to convert their lofts than ever before. A loft conversion has many advantages over a home extension, here are some to think about.

  • It will not take up any land, unlike an extension.
  • You might not need planning permission for a loft conversion; ask your local authority.
  • It covers the entire footprint of the house, so there is plenty of space.
  • The cost will only be about half of what you can expect to pay to extend your home.
  • It takes less than half of the time to complete the project.

As you can see, the arguments for a loft conversion are compelling.

Replacement Windows

Older homes that have softwood window frames will benefit from an upgrade. Modern uPVC units are thermally efficient and virtually maintenance free. You must fit new units that are sympathetic to the building’s style, or they could have an adverse effect on the value of the property.


In England, all properties must have an Energy Performance Certificate before you can sell them. You can improve the rating on that certificate by adding insulation to the home. Think about installing cavity wall and loft insulation. The new windows, central heating, and air conditioning will give you extra points too. The efficiency of the home will affect its value. If you live elsewhere in the world, see if there is a similar rating scheme.


Build a new conservatory onto your home. People are making use of their gardens for entertaining, and the conservatory is a desirable feature. It only takes a few weeks to construct and is cheaper than some other improvement projects.

I hope you found my guide interesting and that you will profit  from the projects contained herein. I have undertaken them all in the past, and my home is now worth considerably more than it was; it could work for you.

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