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This article is about how we made a pool sign and bottle opener. At, we have a pool. This pool is simultaneously the best and the worst thing about our office. When the kids come over and want to swim, it is great. The other day, we were sitting out watching them swim and we realized we needed a bottle opener and a garbage can. Nothing ruins a swim like stepping on a bottle cap and cutting you foot. It might be the only thing worse than stepping on a lego.

To solve this problem, we made this bottle opener. It was perfect timing that our good friend Sarah saw these on Etsy and wanted to make some. So we collectively got together and started the project.


Follow our step by step directions on the next pages.

To make this awesome pool sign and bottle opener, you will need to get a board and paint it with chalkboard paint.


Once the paint is dry, you will need to get out a screw gun, a cup, bowl, or other container for the bottom to catch the bottle tops and a metal bottle opener that can be mounted on a piece of wood.

Assemble the pieces together. Make sure there is at least a bottle width between the opener and your cup!

We chose this post on our lanai. Look how great it looks there. It really fits in nicely with the pool design and doubles as a pool sign too.

bottle opener

bottle opener2


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