So You Think You Want A Pool, Huh?

Pools are great. They are a lot of fun for parties, kids, and everyday use. Plus they can be a great way to make your landscaping and home look beautiful.

Growing up with a pool we used to do a lot of entertaining. We would work for hours and hours cutting grass, weeding gardens, and cleaning up before parties. Then you have to take care of the pool: test the chemicals, skim the floating junk off the top because you know leaves blew in, then vacuum the bottom because it seems that just about every day somebody must dump half of a wheelbarrow of sand and dirt in the water that needs to be sucked out. It’s totally awesome ­čÖü

After hours of work your guests arrive and are like, “Wow! You are so lucky to have a pool!” Then you have to muster up something like, “yeah, its really great…” Then you get stuck entertaining and hosting. I know, Seriously. All work, no play.

The truth is, pools are jerks. Besides the every day maintenance of a pool, let me share a few reasons on the next pages why you should not get a pool this summer.

But first, look at this beauty back in june. Every year, you get to have this science experiment.


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