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Forsyth, Montana to Great Falls, Montana Somewhere between the North Dakota border and Forsyth the weather changed drastically. The heat of summer returned. It was beautiful ride down the Yellowstone river valley, but it was hot. Lots of lush crops with the irrigation along the river provided a drastic contrast with the dry heat and parched grass higher up the valley. The Yellowstone River is beautiful even way out here away from the park. Traveling by motorcycle in this country is a little tricky as you have to plan your fuel and layovers a little more carefully. We were traveling in the high tourist season so motel reservations were a necessity. Also the distances between towns on your route with food and fuel becomes a consideration. My bike and my wife’s bike burn about the same amount of fuel however my wife’s bikes range was considerably less. Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 5.27.40 PM We stayed in Forsyth, not because it is a tourist town but rather a good distance for staging the days milage. Forsyth does not have a chain hotel as it is mainly a railroad town.

Loading the bikes in Forsyth. We look like we are moving.

DSCN0107 We left Forsyth fairly early in the morning so we could ride most of the day before it got too hot. Heat wears you down and dehydration is a real problem if you are not careful. Our route out of Forsyth was highway 12. We crossed over the railroad tracks that dominate the town on the first bridge and saw car after car loaded with coal. The second bridge brought us over the Yellowstone river for the last time this trip. From this point on the towns really spread out. We were definitely on the backroads of Montana. Lots of fun and beauty but a little more challenging logistically. Coal2

Yellowstone River by Forsyth, Montana


Highway 12 northwest of Forsyth, Montana

About 40 miles out of Forsyth on highway 12 was the town of Ingomar. This is a town that time forgot. To get to Ingomar you have to drive down a gravel road about half a mile. The owner of the saloon was the only person around during our visit. We found Ingomar to be such an interesting place that we are devoting a whole post to the town.

Ingomar Road
Dirt road leading into Ingomar from highway 12

DSCN0116 Continuing on highway 12 we past through some beautiful range land until we came to the town of Roundup. From there we headed north to Grass Range where we stopped for a late lunch and to get out of the heat. Great little diner in Grass Range. After lunch it was a matter of droning on to Great Falls for our layover on day 4. DSCN0113   Landscape

Little Montana Diner in Grass Range

It was in the high 90’s by the time we reached Great Falls. We were ready to be done for the day.

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