The Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Egypt This Year

Egypt is steeped in romanticism. Many people are keen to take a trip to the North African country to see what all the fuss is about. Egypt was once home to one of the most progressive ancient civilisations. The evidence of their existence is all around you. Egypt is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. The warm climate and excellent Middle Eastern food is a couple of reasons why tourists love the destination. At the risk of sounding like a well-worn cliché, there is something for everyone in Egypt. Whether you are travelling alone, in a couple or as a family, you will be enthralled by Egypt. It is a magical country, steeped in ancient history.

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 Let’s take a look at why you need to visit Egypt this year.

 Reason 1: Ancient Civilisation Has Never Been More Appealing

 While the Mayans, Greeks and Romans all have their place in history, it is the Egyptians that trump them all. The Great Sphinx is an incredible feat to behold. How did the ancient people of Egypt create such a structure with such little technology? The pyramids hold the same mystical appeal. When you are faced with these great structures, you truly feel that you are in the presence of something great. The sheer enormity of these monuments hits you the moment you lay eyes on them.

 Reason 2: Valley of the Kings

 The Valley of the Kings is nothing short of remarkable. You need to experience the Valley to appreciate the ancient civilisation that was prevalent. The tombs of the Pharaohs took over 500 years to complete. The fact that they are still intact shows how construction in the area was well-advanced. The city is shrouded in mysticism. Find your inner archaeologist and take a look for yourself.

 Reason 3: Babylon Fortress

 The Babylon Fortress is a remarkable site. The old fortress is completely well preserved and is the ultimate fortress. Babylon, or modern day Coptic Cairo, is an ancient city that is truly revered by all that pass it. The circular appearance of the fortress, or castle, is stunning. While you cannot buy this property in Egypt, you will certainly want to try. The fortress is just beautiful.

 Reason 4: Egyptian Cuisine

 If you consider yourself to be something of a foodie, you will be keen to sample all of the fares that Egypt has to offer. If you are a fan of Middle Eastern flavours, you will love dining in Egypt. Falafel is eaten widely. Vegetables and legumes play a huge part in Egyptian cuisine. This is due to the fertility of the Nile, which allows for excessive crop consumption. Due to Egypt being an Islamic country, you will not find a lot of pork products. However, lamb and beef are prevalent and tastes sublime when coated in garlic, turmeric and rich spices. Seafood is extremely popular in the region. Again, the proximity to the river and sea makes it cheap food source. Fish doesn’t come much fresher!

 Reason 5: The Weather

 Sun lovers rejoice. If you want to take a relaxing dip in the pool and not worry about hypothermia, Egypt is the place for you. The best time of year to visit Egypt, if you want to experience the weather, is between May and October. The sun is shining, and highs reach the mid-30s.


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