Root Cellars and Cold Storage

How did people ever get by with refrigeration? Root cellars were common a generation or two ago but they still can be a useful idea for our times as well. Keep in mind some basic principles for root cellars

First of all you need a cool, dark, humid and well ventilated space.

By cool we are talking about 32 to 40 degrees. Keep in mind digging into the earth or building below the frost line is important. A north facing hill would be ideal. Ventilation keeps the the gases produced by ripening produce at bay. Air movement also reduces mold. Dark keeps light from encouraging food from sprouting.

This post has a few ideas for your own root cellar … or at least cold storage.

DIY cold storage out of trash can

Read the article here.

What a great use for an old trash can. Plus, this would be very easy to hide.

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