Butchart Gardens Dahlia’s

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The Butchart Gardens Dahlia’s are a big, bold and amazing collection of blooms in brilliant colors, heights and shapes.  Dahlia’s are tuberous flowers which must be planted each spring in most parts of the country, and bloom from late summer into fall. In order to enjoy these lovely flowers the next year you must cut them back after the first frost and store the tubers for the next spring in a cool dry place. This will require a storage system, but you can see that the benefits are worth the extra labeling, storage and staking.


Because dahlia’s can reach heights of 6 feet tall they require staking.  Butchart uses square wooden poles, painted green that blend into the leaves and don’t detract from the showy blossoms.  In the third and forth photo’s you can see they use a simple dark twine to loosely secure the stem to the stake.






The dramatic displays are seen to scale with people in the background walking slowly, taking photo’s and trying to absorb the grandeur.  It really was breath-taking to experience and so well worth the travel to the island of Victoria in BC Canada.





Below you can enjoy looking at more of the incredible  Butchart Gardens Dahlia’s in three slide shows of glorious color.  Enjoy.

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