Awesome Reasons You Should Choose a Paris Apartment Over a Hostel

Paris: the city of love. It can be difficult to feel the love though, when you’re staying in a noisy hostel, sharing a room with strangers. There’s no privacy, and there isn’t always somewhere to keep your luggage safe. But it’s the cheapest option if you’re travelling on a budget. Or is it? Instead of staying in a dirty hostel, what if you could stay in a nice, clean apartment for the same price or not much more? For the price of a private room in a Paris hostel, and sometimes even a bed in a dorm room, you could stay in an apartment instead.

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Meet Locals Instead of Travellers

One reason travellers pick hostels over other accommodation options is to meet other people. But if you would rather meet local people than other travellers, staying in an apartment is the better option. This is especially true if you want to practice your French. Going in and out of the building every day, you can stop and chat to your neighbours. They can give you tips about how to experience the city like a local, instead of a tourist. You might still find other travellers too – and there are bars, restaurants and cafés for meeting other people.

Cook Whenever You Want

Some hostels have a communal kitchen, while other don’t have a kitchen at all. Trying to cook in a communal kitchen can be trying. You need to find a time when it’s free, then when you can find some space the supplies leave a lot to be desired. There’s often not enough space to store anything, whether it’s cupboard space or a fridge. With an apartment from somewhere like HouseTrip, you can cook what you want, when you want. Stock up the fridge and cupboards and plan your meals. If the apartment has cost a bit more than a hostel, this is where you can save your money. Instead of eating out, cook for yourself and eat in.

Have More Space

In a hostel, it feels like you don’t really have any space to yourself. Even if you book a private room, there are rarely single rooms. If you’re a person on your own, that means having to pay twice to occupy a double room. Sharing a dorm room is worse – at best you have a bed to yourself, and even that won’t be very big or private. Booking an apartment could mean anything from your own room and ensuite bathroom, to having a whole apartment to yourself.

 Have More Freedom

 Hostels often have check-in and check-out times and sometimes have curfews. When you stay in an apartment, there’s no having to ring the doorbell to be let in after hours and no having to leave or arrive at a certain time. You get a key and can come and go when you like. You don’t have to fit anything you do around what other people are doing.

Although apartments can be a bit more expensive, you can save money on things like food and laundry. Next time you plan a trip to Paris, compare the costs of hostel and apartment living.

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