Change the Way You Display Your Household Objects and Ornaments

Painted walls, furniture and carpeted floors are what make the essence of a room. But it’s the ornaments and objects we choose to display that really give a space character. Without them, a room can look quite bare. There appears to be less of a personality shining through. And the room looks like it’s mainly functional, instead of homely and lived-in. Sometimes though, it can be hard to know what to do with all your bits and bobs. You pick up candlesticks, vases and little statues when they catch your eye. But you end up with a small collection and no idea where to put them. There are many ways you can display your objects, and they don’t all have to sit on the mantel-piece or coffee table.

 Fill a Cabinet

 Glass cabinets are perfect for filling with all your favourite things. Whether you have a collection of china dolls or coins or just an assortment of objects, a glass cabinet is a great display option. You can keep them safe behind the glass, but you’ll still be able to look at them and take them out when you want to. Move them around any time you like and play with your display. Glass cabinets look best when there’s glass on all sides, so you can see your objects from every angle. But cabinets with glass doors look good too, especially if you’re displaying something that faces forwards, like a china plate collection.

 See-through Boxes

 Using glass or perspex boxes to display individual objects is ideal if you have something very special. Sealing it away in a box preserves it, to prevent damage and keep it clean. You can admire it from afar, without running the risk of ruining it by touching. You might want to display an archaeological specimen or a classic toy train. For extra effect, light your box up from the inside or outside to give it an air of being in your personal museum.

 Hang Them From the Ceiling

 Who says your ornaments need to stand on a solid surface? There are a few ways you could hang some things from the ceiling. You could create a small platform and suspend it using wire or rope. Then you can place your trinkets and tchotchkes on the platform and hang them in their own miniature display. You could also hang things individually, from lanterns and mobiles to plants.

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 Make a Display of Everyday Objects

Instead of focusing on all the items you bought especially to display around your home, you can make a display out of your everyday objects. Some things have to be sat around the house regardless, so you may as well make use of them. For example, if you have a set of glasses and a collection of spirits, you could arrange them in a creative way to make them seem less ordinary. Incorporate everyday objects into the design of the room, instead of seeing them as a necessity to hide away in the cupboards.

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