Mini Muffin Pan Egg Recipes

Mornings Suck. Here are 5 of my top favorite recipes made of eggs and a mini-muffin pan for getting your kids ready to go to school so your morning can suck a little less. 

Mini-muffin pan and chickens came into this world for some reason. I think it is because the bite sized morsels they make are the perfect size for a bite as an adult, and a great little treat for a kid.

Now that school is officially started, I am looking for recipes I can make the night before that can be easily prepared in the morning for the kiddos. Eggs are full of protein, are low-glycemic, and help my kids keep from being distracted by hunger during their mornings at school. So I looked for some recipes that might make great breakfasts for them. So, here are my top five mini muffin pan egg recipes:

Number one: This one is Egg Muffins by Keep Your Diet Real.

I like this one because my kids will eat it even though it has vegetables in it too. Baking spinach and bell peppers into the eggs is a good way to get the little ones to eat them.

Get the recipe here.

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