10 creative ways to customise your Handrails

Handrails not only provide additional safety in the home, they also help to improve it aesthetically. There are so many different designs available with glass being one of the leading modern materials available.

If you’re looking to add a unique edge to your property, customised handrails could be the answer. Below you’ll find 10 of the best creative ways to add handrails to the home.

1. Curved glass

Curved glass handrails are the ultimate modern design. This type of rail would be the perfect choice for spiral staircases. You can find plenty of curved glass railing ideas on Pinterest. The only thing to note with this type of handrail is it might not be the right choice for the elderly and families with young children. However, if you’re having the railings customised, you can always create wider glass rails for a better grip.

2. Recessed handrails

Another very modern design is the recessed handrail. Built into the wall, this design is suitable for those who want a cleaner, minimalistic handrail. The great thing about a recessed rail is the fact it can be installed into any staircase that’s next to a wall. You don’t need a lot of space to benefit from this design.

3. Smart glass rails

Glass is a popular material these days used to create staircases and handrails. Smart glass in particular is definitely worth considering. It blocks out ultraviolet rays which can cause furniture and furnishings to fade. If you are planning on having glass balustrades or railings installed, it’s worth checking out height regulations.

4. Wood and iron

Wood and iron go perfectly together in the world of handrails. The contrast between the black and brown colours really captures the eye. It helps if you incorporate a focal design point on the iron bars too. Topping them off with a rich wooden rail will help to provide a luxurious modern style.

5. Glass and metal

Another perfect combination is glass balustrades with metal railings. Stainless steel rails will look particularly stunning. Always ensure you choose reliable stainless steel handrail manufacturers. The great thing about stainless steel rails is the fact they are extremely durable and they are also easy to maintain.

6. Forest inspired railings

Are you a lover of the outdoors? Or maybe you’re a fan of fairytale designs? Forest inspired railings could be the perfect option for those looking to add a truly unique design to the home. Created from wood, these intricate railings really will add an unusual, romantic design. If you want to feel like you’re stepping into another world as soon as you get home, forest inspired railings are just what you need. You could even go the whole way and design a complete fairy-tale home.

7. Swirly rails

If elegance is what you’re aiming for, swirly ended rails are the ideal choice. Straight lines finished with a swirly end help to create a captivating, elegant design. Typically created from wood, you can also find metal swirly handrails too. Or you could choose to have them made especially for your home.

8. Colour block rails

To create an attention grabbing rail, focus on two-tone colour options. These railings feature two different colours which contrast perfectly together. They would look particularly great in a retro style home. Opt for bright colours for the ultimate eye catching design. Or if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, black and white work well together.

9. Uneven rails

While they may not be the best choice for the elderly or families, uneven railings can add a unique, creative element to the home. Gently undulating these railings create a natural, organic design. Again these are mainly created from wood and they are great for nature lovers and those looking for something a bit different.

10. Steel rails with mesh balustrades

If you want a futuristic, industrial look then steel railings with mesh inlet or balustrades is a great idea. The mesh helps to create the industrial look, while the metal provides a sleek, modern design.

As you can see, there are plenty of designs available. You sometimes have to think outside the box in order to create the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Of course another important factor to consider is the railing supplier. In order to have unusual, customised handrails safely fitted into the home, you need to choose a reliable, professional supplier.

Always take into account the current décor of the home before choosing a handrail design. Unless you want to make significant changes to the home, you should always aim to be sympathetic to current design. Compare as many different handrails as possible before choosing the best one.

Above all else, ensure you are installing the rails in accordance with health and safety regulations. If you have young children safety is the first thing you should think about when choosing a type of handrail for the home.

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