5 Simple Tips for Creating More Storage Space in Your Home

My home has no built-in storage, so i have to fit everything into limited space. But I do not want to messy stacks of stuff just lying around the home. However if there is not enough storage, it would be tough to keep a small space neat and nice. How to solve this problem? After I have done some try, I figured out these 5 ways will be of help in improving the look and comfort of your home.

Multifunctional furniture

Buying multifunctional furniture is the best ways to store things in plain sight. Double-duty furniture is very popular nowadays. . You can get them both in physical furniture stores and href=”http://www.melodyhome.com/”>online furniture stores</a>. One of my favorites is modern chair with shelves that can store book under the set. Also the loft bed can help to hide things you do not want to leave insight.

Install TV on the wall

If you have a big TV in living room and placed on the TV set stand. What are you waiting for? It is time to change it. Install them on the wall slightly above the eye level, which is the ideal viewing plan. Now, the TV set stand is an extra storage for your CDs and other cute decorations.


If you not have enough room on the floor space, consider put stuffs on the walls. Install some hookers on the wall for coats, bags and other items as well. They are smaller and not so obvious, but do great job of keeping things off the floor and furniture. You can install them on the wall at entryway for umbrella and leashes when you are in a hurry.

Add rods to closet.

If you are putting more rods into closet, go for something that can handle a lot of heavy items. If your closet just has one rod inside, add another rod which is parallel to the existing one. In this way you can get extra room to store clothes. Moreover, you can finish it all by yourself. It saves money and helps management space.


If there is one thing can solve your problems and add style to your home at the same time, it would be floating shelves. There is variety of different shelf available in market according to your requirements and the looking of your home. You do not have to make them all by yourself, customizing them from a reputational href=”http://www.melodyhome.com/”>furniture stores</a>is a better idea. A stand-alone shelf can help you store shoes and book neatly. If you have a small amount of things need to store, floating shelf is really helpful. Floating shelf is the best place to display photos and interesting decorations. These shelves really make your life a lot easier in limited space.

Are you still worried about those lying round things have no place to store so that messed up your home. These five simple ways are beyond enough to create more storage space in your home.

Author bio: Jane Yang is a university graduate and working in the Melodyhome, <a href=”http://www.melodyhome.com/”>online furniture store</a> which sales all of your home furniture and home furnishings.

She is a writing enthusiast and loves home design and decor. Sharing some good ideals about buying furniture and decorating home online brings Jane much fun.

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