Crazy Places Plants Grow

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It is in the late summer and fall when I notice the weeds and how healthy they are. I also notice that they seem to grow in impossible places. In one part of our garden there is some Queen Anne’s Lace. I really thought this was an interesting plant until it spread itself far and wide in my garden. This plant has been down graded in my opinion from seasonal flower to invasive weed. Seriously there are Queen Anne’s Lace growing out of the tiniest cracks. I can’t pull them out when I weed.

This morning I was looking for images for my Pinterest page and I came across some interesting images of plants. I found them to be intriquing enough that we put together this collection of crazy places plants grow.

This first image was the one that really got me thinking about this. It seems nothing stops mother nature. Plants, weeds and trees are going to grow in spite of what gets in their way. Check this out: This rose bush is not going to let a fence get in it’s way.

Rose growing through fence

That is one determined daisy in the picture below.

Daisy in spent shell

Yellow flower in crack

You have to admire the survival instincts of this tree.

Tree growing out of log in lake

The little tomato that could. How do you pick this?

tomato in wrought iron

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