How To Plan For Your First Ski Vacation

One of the world’s most-popular recreational activities is skiing. For centuries, people went skiing for transport reasons. But it’s only since the 19th century that skiing became a fun leisure pursuit.

You are likely to find people skiing in places like Colorado, and even further afield in Europe. Of course, not every country has amazing ski slopes or even snow! A lot of artificial ski slopes got built in various places. If you’re in the Middle East, did you know that you could go skiing at Ski Dubai in the UAE?

Skiing on man-made slopes isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Do you want to ski on real snow but have never done so before? If so, you might be planning your first ski vacation soon. In this blog post, you will learn how to prepare for your first ski vacation.

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Travel arrangements

The first step to preparing for a ski vacation is to organize your travel arrangements. There are plenty of things to sort out for this essential first step.

Most people will book a ski vacation with their local travel agent. They usually have specific “packages” for those that wish to spend their time somewhere snowy so that they can ski!

You might be wondering what gets included – or what should get included – as part of a ski vacation package. Here is what you need to know:

Flights. If you are travelling interstate or going abroad, flights will form an essential part of your vacation package. Make sure your flight out is from a local airport;

  • Accommodation. It doesn’t matter whether you stay in a chalet or a five-star hotel. You need somewhere to relax and sleep when you’re not out on the slopes;
  • Equipment hire. Find out whether your ski package includes the hire of ski gear;
  • Lift passes. As above, but for lift passes up the slopes.


We all want to have an awesome time on our ski vacations. For the most part, we usually do. But the truth is, there are times where we might get injured out on the slopes. Unless you are wealthy and have no need for it, adventure travel insurance is a must!

Medical bills can often reach thousands of dollars. Even a consultation with a doctor might relieve you of a couple hundred bucks! Paying for insurance before you travel is the best investment you can make for your vacation.

The added peace of mind means that you can spend less time worrying about getting injured and more time enjoying yourself.

Renting a car

At most ski resorts, you don’t have much choice but to travel there by car from the airport. You should organize a rental car before you leave for your vacation. That’s because the price you pay before you leave is often lower than at the rental counter.

All the major rental car companies allow you to book a reservation online. And most offer prepayment facilities – saving you even more money!

I hope you enjoy your ski vacation!

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