Fall Flower Interior Decorating

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Need a little inspiration for your fall table?  Here’s a interior decorating tip to bring the warm colors of the fall season into your home.  Fresh flowers bring the feeling of the season to life and are the perfect interior decoration.  You don’t have to be a floral designer to arrange a grouping of fall flowers.  Just collect a variety of containers which can be anything from old bottles, candle holders or mini vases. You probably have a collection of objects in your house right now which would work.  This interior design idea lets you be creative with what you have, and will reflect your personality.

On my last grocery shopping trip I picked up a prearranged bouquet and thought about what to put them in.  I have started to collect bottles in all different sizes, shapes and colors, from small brown vanilla bottles to fancy shaped liquor bottles, but I didn’t have enough of them yet.  Going to a dollar store, flea market or antique dealer would give you much to choose from.

Today I used a collection of silver plate candy dishes that have been passed down through the generations of my family. Pewter or aluminum would also give the same feeling.  They were different sizes and heights and would make a lovely grouping on the dining room table. Instead of wrestling with long stems and arranging a single bouquet, I cut the stems off the flowers and floated them in the dishes.  No skill required!  It’s that easy.  So go ahead and search for containers and see what you can create to help you and your family enjoy the season.













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