Stunning Outdoor Features To Enhance Your Home

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Have you noticed that your neighbours are making better use of their garden throughout the summer than you are? What was once considered to be a place for your children to play or somewhere to keep the dogs we now look upon as a useable room, where you can socialise and entertain.

Unfortunately, a rectangular grassed area and narrow borders hardly encourage you to invite people around to have fun. Here are some stunning outdoor features to enhance your pleasure at home, You can’t afford not to consider them.

Area For Entertainment

You need a place to sit or stand and mingle with your friends. The grass often becomes wet or muddy, so it is not a suitable surface for your purpose. A patio is ideal, and though most gardens feature one these days, is yours up to scratch? A strip of concrete behind your house isn’t enough nowadays, you need more. Here is a couple of ideas for you to consider.

Wooden decking is quick and easy to build. The timber or composite material will last for years and keep its looks. Decking allows you to level out a sloping surface without the need for a supporting wall and lots of groundworks. It only takes a couple of days to erect and looks stunning when it is complete.

  • Natural stone slabs provide an attractive surface for your patio. If you prepare the ground well and compress the foundation before you lay them on a thin bed of sand, they should give you decades of trouble free use. Eventually, they might start to lift and move, but you can always lay them again.

Outdoor Bar

If you are going to hold soirees in your backyard, what could be more useful than an outdoor bar. You have a choice; do you build a static structure, or do you use a portable bar that you can keep in the shed when it is not in use. I prefer a permanent one because you can let your imagination fly with the design. Maybe yours will be a tropical hut with a grass roof. Remember to add refrigeration facilities and lighting to it.

A Carport

Perth carports by Patio Living are versatile home accessories, in my opinion. You can either fix one to the side of the house or have it freestanding in the garden. You can use them for many things; not only for storing your car. If there is a shower when you are entertaining, you can move your guests and furniture under it so that festivities can continue. You wouldn’t take them in the garage, would you?

Of course, their primary purpose is to protect your car from the weather. They are a cheap alternative to a garage, and they allow you to get in and out of your vehicle in the rain without getting wet. That is of particular importance to a parent with young children. We all know how difficult it can be to strap them in their seats and how wet we get when the weather isn’t good.

Even if you don’t get these features in your garden before the end of this summer, you have plenty to look forward to next year. Have fun in your garden, it’s a shame to waste such a magnificent space.



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