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I have a silly hobby of trying to make food from the grocery store grow. I think it is fascinating how much produce can be planted. For fun, this last spring, I cut up some ginger root and potted it. But, now it is time for harvesting potted ginger.

Do you want to know how to plant potted ginger? I have a step by step article here. 

potted ginger

All you have to do is cut the ginger into medium sized pieces. There will be nodes on each ginger root. Try to get 2-3 nodes on each piece. The nodes will sprout the plant, so you want them facing up, or if the nodes are on opposite sides, facing sideways. The ginger will root itself in the soil and a new plant will grow, and spread.

We were starting to get some frost in Minnesota so I took my pots inside. I harvested one of my post of ginger. Here’s what the plant looked like after the summer. I have to admit, I did not take great care of these plants either. I think that if they were regularly watered and cared for you would get bigger ginger pieces.

But, it was still a success. This pot really only had one half of one piece of grocery store ginger. That’s a lot of growth considering…

When you are done pulling out the bulbs of ginger, then you can simply wash them off in the sink or with a garden hose before putting them in the fridge.

I have another pot that is still going. I can now just dig up part and cut it whenever I need fresh ginger all winter long.  This is one way to get fresh food year round. Plus you know where it comes from. There are no pesticides, no hormones, it is natural, and organic. This is a great tip for anyone with a family that you like to feed fresh foods to.

potted ginger

There are many great uses for ginger. But, let’s you have a bunch of fresh ginger and you don’t know how to use it all up in the time that it will stay fresh. We dehydrate it. It stays forever and can be used in many dishes. Our favorite is a garden stir fry. We use a little coconut oil and fry up the garden vegetables with a few chunks of our dried ginger. Here’s the video:

One Minute Video Recipes

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