#dan330 and #its330somewhere Explained

I want to explain what #dan330 and #its330somewhere are. If you are like my parents, you probably think “#” is a pound sign and it is used on some very old phones for some reason. But it’s not and we have a great way for you to use it.

Dan330.com  is a popular lifestyle magazine that use the hashtags #dan330 and #its330somewhere. We want you to tag great original content and to have ongoing discussions on Twitter. #dan330 is a public way for bloggers and creators to get involved in our community on Twitter! Plus, if we see something we really like, we may share it on our site LiveDan330.com.

Do you have a great DIY project? a Recipe? a travel idea? Tag it with #dan330 and interact with us!

Ok, that was easy enough, but what’s with #its330somewhere?

It started as a joke. Can I put my jammies on yet? Is it too early to put on my wine pants? Can I have dessert? Well, that where #its330somewhere comes in. It’s permission to start those end of the day rituals in the middle of the afternoon.

Oh yeah, and wine pants are a thing. You can buy them on our site.

Use #dan330 and #its330somewhere to get discovered, spread your reach and enjoy some extra traffic. Plus we think you will be pretty cool if you do.

dan330, #dan330, its330somewhere, and #its330somewhere are trade marks of 330 Holdings, LLC.

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