Creating the Ultimate Spa Style Bathroom

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Neutral Tones

The ultimate spa style bathroom will be decorated in neutral tones to give an earthy feel. This ambiance that neutral tones can create is quite astonishing – they are far from boring! Choose white, beige, grey, taupe, and black. You could even add splashes of green and blue to add colour without making it look too busy.

Natural Materials

As well as neutral tones, you need natural materials to add to the spa effect. Materials like wood, bamboo, slate and stone can be used in the bathroom to give a really earthy feel. Try to avoid cheap plastics and laminates as much as possible. You want all of your materials to look and feel expensive!

Heated Flooring

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of a hot, relaxing bath and on to a freezing cold floor. Notice how the temperature is well controlled in the spa environment? Spas even have heated flooring! Stepping out of a hot bath on to a gently warmed floor would be heaven. You could always place a fluffy bath matt down if you can’t afford the heated option!

Fluffy Towels

Fluffy towels are the basis of any spa experience. You’ll never catch a spa with towels that are anything less than fluffy and cosy. To ensure the most fluffiness from your towels, you’ll need to have GSM explained. This will educate you all about what to look for in the best towels and how to select them for your bathroom. One tip, is to look for heavy towels. They shouldn’t look heavy; just feel heavy!

Fancy Taps

Fancy taps come in many different shapes and sizes. The taps you choose should fit your needs perfectly. For example, some taps automatically begin to run when you place your hands under them. Other taps simply look cool and expensive.

A Huge Bath Tub

What would a spa style bathroom be without a huge bath tub? In regular bathrooms, the baths are located somewhere next to the walls. However, in modern, spa bathrooms many are the centre of a room. The bath is very much the focal point! You can find all different shapes, materials, and colours too. It all depends on what you want to spend.

Power Shower

Although baths are relaxing, sometimes you need a good power shower to wake you up. Get rid of any shower appliances that make you feel like you’re washing in a pathetic drizzle.


Finally, have candles in your spa bathroom to add to the luxurious feel. You don’t necessarily have to light them, but it is lovely when you’re having a hot bath. Just remember to supervise them at all times and you won’t burn your house down!

Enjoy your new spa style bathroom!

A spa style bathroom is what almost every homeowner dreams of having. Imagine stepping into your bathroom and having all of your troubles instantly melt away. That’s what the right decor in the bathroom can do! This post will guide you through creating the ultimate spa style bathroom:


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