The Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Surprise Party

Throwing the ultimate surprise party takes some serious planning. It’ll take impeccable skills to keep the secret, especially once you start inviting people. Perhaps it’s your friend’s birthday and you want to make it the best ever. Maybe they’ve recently had a promotion at work and you want to show them how proud you are. Whatever the occasion, it’s time to make it all about them. The look on their face will make all the secrecy and hard work worthwhile. Follow these simple tips and they’ll be talking about this night forever.

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How Will They React?

Firstly, consider how your friend might react. If you know they hate surprises, leave now! Take them for a nice dinner instead. If they love a party and have a raging social life, then you’re good to go.

What’s their dream night?

The surprise party is all about them. Consider what their perfect night would look like and plan it around this. Do they have a favourite bar or restaurant? Take them there. Would they prefer a house party or an evening in with a home-cooked meal, films and ice cream? The combination of the surprise and their perfect evening will make it all the better.

Keeping the secret

This will be the toughest part, especially if the guest of honour is your significant other or you live with them! If you use Facebook to organise, make sure you keep it as private as possible. Don’t give it away by creating a public event on all of your social networks. If you use texts to organise and invite people, make sure your Surprisee doesn’t use your phone. Try using your work email address or some kind of private messaging; maybe a carrier pigeon. Use the method that will cause the least amount of suspicion.

What to tell the Surprisee

You need to make a believable plan with your Surprisee. You can’t plan a whole party and then find out that the guest of honour is busy. If it’s a birthday, you’ll need a good alternative. They may be expecting a big party and be disappointed that no-one has suggested one yet. Worse still, they might organise their own party! This is a logistical nightmare that you need to avoid. Make the plans early, suggest going for a dinner, just the two of you.

Do something out of the ordinary

The initial surprise will trigger all kinds of emotions and excitement in their brain. You can continue this high by trying something that you wouldn’t normally do. It will stimulate their pleasure senses even further. Why not hire a limo and drive from bar to bar in true style. It works out fairly cheap when split between your group of friends too. Head over to for the best selection of birthday limos. A little luxury will really make the night memorable and add another surprise element to the evening.

Follow these few tips and you’ll throw the perfect surprise party. Plan well ahead, cover your tracks and keep the surprises coming. Your friend will be delighted and overwhelmed. Maybe next year, they’ll throw one for you!

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