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Well, it has been 10 day since I started fermenting hot sauce recipe made out of fresh peppers. If you read the first post, you know there are two experiments going. One that chopped peppers and put them in wine, and the other that pureed them together. In both recipes, after the initial prep, it was time to put them on the shelf and ferment. This article is just an update on the progress less than two weeks in.

In the jar using the wine method of fermentation there hasn’t seemed to be much of a change at all. I guess we will just have to wait. Who knows, this is my first time trying it too. Hopefully, there is some progress to report soon.

In the other jar, with the blended up peppers, I noticed a very specific fermentation of the mash. A liquid formed and separates out every day. Also, bubbles are forming and they gradually get bigger until I eventually stir them in. The smell has changed quite a bit too. When it first started, it smelled very fresh and very spicy. This tanginess was something that concerned me a little. But now, the smell has really rounded out and mellowed. It is starting to smell much more like what I thought it would, and should in the end. That is the progress in my fermented hot sauce recipe experiment.

The plan is to just keep this stuff fermenting and hope all goes well. I continue stir and check for white mold every two days. So far no mold, and it seems as if the stirring is really necessary with my blended mash.

Stay tuned and we can watch this ferment together. Hopefully we can write some great recipe like the Red Hot Brussel Sprouts or something with some fun eggs and hot sauce when this is all done.

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