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Feature Your Blog Articles With Us:

We have grown our blog from 0 to over 1.2M page views per month in just over 15 months. Here is a screenshot from Google Analytics of our sessions: Last month, we had 338,000 sessions. We want you to experience growth in your blog too. We think one of the best ways to grow is to get published on larger sites. That is exactly what we are offering.

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Feel free to track us on SimilarWeb we synched up our Google Analytics with them.

Here’s what we charge:

Trial: 1 Featured article for free 

For $20 per month: Get 3 Featured Articles 

For $50 per month: Get 9 Featured Articles 

For $100 per Month: Get 20 Featured Articles 

We tried to build this program in a way that you would at least break even, if not make money during the growth. We can’t promise that you will, but you can read how we think it is possible to make money at these rates. Otherwise fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.

Would you pay to grow your blog if you could break even or make money in the process?

Duh! That is a pretty easy question to answer. Truthfully, I can’t believe the number of people who ask me “how do I make money blogging?” The bottom line is you earn money directly from the amount of traffic you generate. If you want to make more money, you need to grow. 

How We Drive You Traffic: is a blog with over 1.6 million social followers, and  growing.  They can consume a lot of content; something you can provide from your blog. 

You submit one of your images on our site with a short introduction to your blog post with a clear link back to you.

We promote it on our site and our followers become your readers. 

How do Blogs Make Money?

Good question. Blogs make money by selling ads, doing sponsored content, and selling products.

Let’s address selling ads.

Many people start with Google Adsense. Google will place display ads in your site and posts. A 3 RPM rate on your site should not be difficult to achieve. Google has a great tutorial teaching you how to do this.

Another network to integrate is Ad Supply. They do floating banners, pop-overs, pop-under’s and other non-content related ads. A typical configuration should earn a 3 RPM rate as well.

Maybe you already know your site’s RPM. If not, look at the ad revenue you have earned for the past 30 days, divide it by the page views, and multiply by 1000.  The number you come up with your RPM. For example, if you earned $30 and had 1,000 pageviews, you had an RPM of $3.00.

Our goal is to sell you traffic at very low rates; below what you should earn selling ads on your site.

What we do for you:

We drive traffic. Our average post gets 4,000 page views in the first 30 days. Our best posts have done 100,000 or more. Posts that are submitted to our site get approximately a 33% click through rate. Meaning you should get on average about 1300 referrals per article.

These are referrals. RPM is based on page views. To convert referrals to page views, you will need to know your page views per session. Let’s say you get 2.5 page views per session. That would mean our referrals would produce 3,250 page views. At a $3 RPM, that would convert to $9.75 of ad revenue.

What do we charge?

Trial: 1 Featured article for free 

For $20 per month: Get 3 Featured articles and earn an estimated $29.25

For $50 per month: Get 9 Featured Articles and earn an estimated $87.75

For $100 per Month: Get 20 Featured Articles and earn an estimated $195.00

We can’t guarantee you will make money. But we know there is a strong correlation between higher quality post and images and click through rates. The better your content, the more traffic will go through to you. These numbers are for discussion only and we are assuming click through rates and RPM’s.

If you are interested in trying this out, contact us through this form and we will follow up with you:

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