Looking for Fun, Fitness and Health?

 Looking for Fun, Fitness and Health?

FUN – that’s really the issue, isn’t it? We start off with good intentions to get fit and stay fit and then we get sidetracked because what we are doing just is not fun. Sitting on an exercise bike in the health club. Going from machine to machine inside on a beautiful day. This is not fun – particularly when you want to be out in the sun. And then there is the issue of working only one part of our bodies at a time – like bicycling working mostly the legs and lower body. Or running which ruins our knees and does nothing for our arms and upper body. So what to do?


Scott Olson, creator of RollerBlades, was working out in a fitness club on a stationary rowing machine one beautiful day and he wasn’t having much fun. He wanted to be outside while getting the same incredible benefits as rowing. So, he began to wonder if he could put wheels on a rowing machine and create a fun and effective outdoor exercise machine.

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It was a stroke of genius which led Scott to invent the Rowbike® – a combination bicycle and rowing machine. He sold the worldwide rights to Rowbike® and it is now being built and marketed by Rowbike Inc. through their website www.rowbike.com and is being offered for a limited time on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1399860151/rowbike . This innovative fitness machine provides a challenging, zero impact, full body workout while giving owners a chance to have fun outside – turning heads wherever they go. And if the weather is bad, the RowBike can be operated inside on a resistance adjustable stationary trainer.



What are those Health Benefits?

Maximize Gain – the rowing stroke uses 84% of your body’s muscle mass, making it amongst the largest utilization of any activity. Physiologists throughout the world now recognize the unique health benefits of rowing. Some suggest that rowing burns 400 calories every 20 minutes vs swimming at 250 and jogging at 200. (Source: Ohio State University)


Minimize pain – broad muscle usage achieves large caloric expenditure with considerably low perceived levels of exertion.

Kind to the body – a seated activity, rowing removes the body weight and impact from the injury prone joints of the hips, knees and ankles. Because rowing is low-impact, it doesn’t pound joints. It’s not uncommon to see people aged 80 or more still rowing. Unlike most other sports, like running, there is no “expiration date”


Full-body – rowing incorporates posture-improving movements of the leg press, hip hinge and upper-body rowing motion; these exercises are essential for enhancing core strength while maximizing flexibility and range of motion. Dr. Jennifer Bencie, a physician and administrator for the Florida Department of Health says of rowing, “It’s really great — you are using your arms and your core and your chest and back. It builds the upper body and you’ll lose weight around the abdomen. I love how I feel afterward — positive and happy. I’m more energetic and mentally I’m ready to conquer the day.”


So, imagine gliding your way to a fitter, slimmer body, lower blood pressure and a higher metabolism. Rowbike is an exercise fitness machine that provides a total body workout with the speed and excitement of a bicycle, inline skates or downhill skis. It’s a land-based rowing machine that will take you where you want to go.

For decades, physiologists from around the world have agreed that rowing is one of the top three exercises, along with cross-country skiing and swimming. Working out on Rowbike gives you fast results: stronger abs, back and core muscles. It delivers twice the cardio benefits of fitness bikes — in less than half the time! Riding through wind generates a natural high that indoor exercise machines can’t match.

And rowing is virtually stress-free on the whole body.

Rowing is the most complete and efficient total body workout available, so fire up.


If you are interested in these fun, awesome machines, go to KickStarter.com where you can get a tremendous deal and help introduce RowBikes to the world.


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