Stylish & Designer Cotton Rug to Complement Your Décor

If you are into interior design, you will agree that cotton rugs play a significant role in the end result of how you want your home to look like. For some instance, cotton rugs serve as a decoration to make the home look more stylish, warm and colourful. They also display elegance and sophistication. Cotton rugs are trendy and they can go anywhere. For Victorian homes, they can be an additional decor. For modern and contemporary homes which usually have a more solid and limited color palette, cotton rugs can accentuate and add more color to your home.

Adding Color to Your Home

Cotton rugs can have many uses and purpose and can be placed in any part of your home. The most common areas to place cotton rugs in your home are the living room or lounge area. Long cotton rugs can also be placed on the steps of the stairs by adding color and design to it. Walking on a thick and soft cotton rug in your bedroom is therapeutic and relaxing. Some cotton rugs are used as wall decors as well.

Choosing a cotton rug to add to your home is both a fun and insightful experience. Of course, before choosing one, you must also consider how it would complement the interior design of your home to add a personal touch to it. The design and pattern you choose is significant as it will accentuate that area of your home.

For Victorian homes, it is ideal to choose cotton rugs that are of the same hue of your home using Victorian era patterns and designs. It exudes elegance and maintains the sophistication like the homes in the Victorian era.

In modern homes, you can go two ways – you can use solid or one-color cotton rugs or you can go in complete contrast on your design and use bright colors. Designer cotton rugs are also ideal in minimalistic types of homes since they can be custom-made to tailor the design of your home.

The Different Types of Cotton Rugs

There are a number of varieties for cotton rugs, depending on the materials used and the process of how they were made.

  • Embroidered Rugs are made through hand stitching onto a linen backing while held into a frame.
  • Woven Rugs are colourful types of cotton rugs. They can be loomed using different colored materials.
  • Knotted Rugs can be made by a machine.
  • Tufted rugs are usually man made using tufted materials.
  • Flat Weave Rugs often capture the interests of hobbyists as they can recycle old materials to make these.

What Is It About Cotton Rugs?

Cotton rugs are mostly colourful with an assortment of design, shape and pattern. In today’s age, you can practically choose any design you want and have one custom-made. While cotton rugs are used as decorations in most homes, they also render functions that we normally do on other furniture.

  • The materials used to make cotton rugs are so different that may be used as a soundproofing tool in a room. Instead of using materials that will make the room look monotonous and dull, using a cotton rug can add color and design to a room.
  • Cotton rugs can be a tool for relaxation as well. After a long day of walking around or working, taking off your shoes and gliding or placing your feet on a cotton rug can be relaxing. Its softness and coolness can make your feet muscles relax.
  • It is safe for toddlers to play on. With its soft surface, cotton rugs may serve as playpens for kids.
  • The materials of a cotton rug can also provide insulation.

Cotton rugs can serve a lot of purpose. With the right kind of materials and the correct design, it will not only complement your home decor but will give a positive and relaxing ambience as well.

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