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I wanted to give you an update on my aeroponic Tower Garden. I am freezing my butt of during a very very cold November in Minnesota but my plants keep getting bigger! It is so fun to watch and so refreshing to have a garden in my house that is growing  fresh, organic produce. Every day, I literally pick something off of it.

There is over a foot of the white stuff on the ground outside and I made a salad for six people last night. The entire salad came from my Tower Garden. I had planted salad seeds in late September and Early October. Many of the plants had been picked 2-3 times to far and they just spring back with fresh delicate foliage for me.

I am not being very kind to the plants either. Because my daughter discovered a love for salad, she has been picking some of the plants down to a nub. It turns out she love basil and butter crunch lettuce. Here are a couple of pictures of how much I have been picking:


In the picture below here, you can see how much of the regal red lettuce (top left) has been picked off of the plant.

Regal Red

This basil has been picked through about 3 times as well.

basil in a tower garden

But, they seem to recover nicely. The conditions on the tower are pretty ideal for the plants. They are automatically watered, they get 18 hours of light per day and they are growing like you would expect.

It was only 9 days ago that I wrote my post on growing cilantro. At that time, I had picked 80% of the plant for a meal. Now look at it! It looks great.

cilantro in tower garden

Here are some other plant updates:

I staggered some other lettuces in the tower garden just so I always had something producing for me. Here is a picture of a baby Romaine plant:

romaine seedling in tower garden

A little bigger romaine:

romaine in a tower garden

A late start to a jalapeno pepper (I had a hard time finding some seeds that I wanted)

jalapeno seedling

I also tried an iceberg lettuce too:

iceburg lettuce

Here are my other plants that started really only about two months ago:

Cayenne Peppers: You can see they are growing very healthy and are about to bud a flower. One thing to keep in mind is my house doesn’t have any pollinators, so if there is a flower, I will have to pollinate it.

cayenne pepper plant cayenne pepper plant

Thai Basil: This basil is a rapid grower. I put two of them in, but I think I am going to replace one because that is all I could ever use.

thai basil thai basil

Cauliflower: Propbably a dumb plant for this as it takes a long time to produce something and then it isn’t much, but I wanted to try anyway. The plant loves it.

cauliflower plant

Bell Pepper: I am excited to get the peppers producing!  Here’s a shot of how they are doing. I think they are getting close to flowering.

bell pepper plant IMG_6667web

Strawberry: I thought it would be funny to pick strawberries for Christmas so I planted a strawberry plant. It has already been flowering.

strawberry plant blooming strawberry plant

Mint: Mint is as prolific in the tower garden as it is outdoors. Only plant one when you plan yours out.


Parsley: The parsley is a slow growing plant, but is very healthy.


If you want to know more about the tower garden, please send us a message, or go to this site: 

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