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Jewelry design is one of my favorite things to do, and usually begins with a concept or idea that takes form through a symbol, which then points back to the greater concept.  10 years ago an idea began to take shape and 22 pieces were created that invite us to recall the truth in the Christmas Story, as written in Scripture. Now I’m not a theologian or an apologist and don’t have a name with letters after it. My greatest joy is to be surrounded by my children and grandchildren.

Christmas is a time for celebrating traditions, of family and friends, of giving and receiving.  This most hectic time of the year can also become a time of reflection and purposefully remembering who is at the heart of the season. By reading the scriptures centered around the symbols and people of the Christmas Story we take time to absorb the never-changing story into our ever-changing world.

Each day in December before Christmas, a blog about that day’s symbol will be posted, ending with a simple question. Choosing to answer the application at the end of each day through journaling your thoughts allows you to apply the truth into your life.  Add a prayer to God.  He knows your heart and hears your prayer. Looking back on prayers answered from a previous year will strengthen your faith and encourage you to ask, so you will receive.

The Journey of Faith

Where are you going?  We each travel our own faith walk wanting to catch a glimpse of the truth, the mystery of ‘God with us’.  Christmas is a time to wait upon the Lord, to prepare for him, to reflect and to make ready our hearts.

The journey can be long sometimes, or it can fly by.  Some days are confusing and hurtful, while others are filled with joy and meaning with a depth of love from a full heart.  Whatever happens, it’s your choice and responsibility as to how you’ll react, how the journey will effect you and those around you. Just so you know, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, made bad choices, hurt the people I love the most, and have done a lot of simply stupid things.  It happens.  Thankfully, this verse is true.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.  1 Peter 4:8.
Let’s go!

There is light to be seen and promises to watch for.  Prophecies to be fulfilled and the mysterious ways of the Holy Spirit to be encountered. Living water to quench your thirst and the Word becoming flesh. A young couple who says yes to the impossible and travel back home to be counted.  A humble stable and a star.  Wandering sheep and beasts of burden.  A shepherd calling for his sheep, a Savior swaddled in a manger. Beating hearts, angels on high singing Gloria in excelsis deo and peace for your spirit. A baby will be born, gifts will be given and the fullness of grace and truth will shine brightly.  Many are on the journey.  Want to join in?

The Christmas Story Collection
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Print the daily blog posts and answer the application question at the end of each day to record where you are in your journey of faith. Add your prayer and remember to look back a year from now to see how you’ve grown and how God has brought you understanding.

Let’s go on a journey of faith as we wait to hear from the One who tell us, “I am with you.”

In hope & faith,



The fine print:

The Christmas Story Jewelry Collection is available at under Fine Jewelry, The Christmas Story.  All pieces have been designed by Laurie at the Arise Designs Studio in St. Paul, MN.

Resources used include Vine’s Expository Dictionary, the Holman Bible Dictionary, The Complete Word Study New Testament, and’s by Chris Ashbach, Laurie Ashbach

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