Give Your Garden A Makeover

Give Your Garden A Makeover

As we have entered the winter months, your garden is probably beginning to look a little overgrown and unkempt. If this is the case then, you might be considering giving it a bit of a makeover once spring hits. A garden makeover can be much more enjoyable than remodelling your home. For one thing you might have more space, and this means more freedom. Also, there is not a risk of damaging areas of structural importance like with a house.

How much you can do to your garden will depend on the type of area and home you live it. For example, if you and your neighbours lived in Coquitlam homes then garden renovation would be a part of everyday life. But if you live in urbanised areas it’s likely you will have less garden space.

If you are planning a garden makeover for the coming months here are some things to consider:

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Current layout

Assess the current layout of your garden, how it looks and what is in it. Get this down on paper. If you can try to make a sketch of your garden.

Try to figure out what it is about your garden that needs changing. What do you need to add, replace or remove that fit in with your needs.

Also, you should work out how much space you have and how this is going to affect your makeover. Will you need to rearrange the layout? Will you need to get rid of things? Will you have to replace your shed with a smaller model? These are all things to consider before you start any work.

Back to basics

Make sure you are on top of weeding and potting your plants. Trim back the hedges and mow the lawn. Prune any bushes if necessary. You will be surprised at the difference these simple steps can make to the look and presentation of your garden.

Also make sure that you sort out the guttering. Clear any leaves, unblock drains. Just make sure that basic tidying is done. Once you have achieved all this you might find that you need to do a lot less than you had expected.


If you don’t have any flowers in your garden, this could be a reason it is looking old and tired. You should create a flower bed and plant some. Even a small flower bed can make a difference to gardens of most sizes.

If you already have flowers then a good tip is to make sure you have a variety of colours. Nothing looks better than seeing a flower bed full of contrasting colours, shapes and sizes. Purples, pinks, greens, reds and oranges are some of the best colours to use. These are bright, vibrant and add character to your garden.


Features can be the crown jewel in any garden. If you are feeling ambitious, you might decide that you’d like to add some features in and complete your makeover.

Add a patio, even a small one. This will keep your garden looking trendy and current, as well as being handy for barbeques!

You might also want to consider water features. A pond can lend an enchanting feel to the garden and opens up even more options for plant life, not to mention pond life. A pond would add a vibrant, thriving mini-ecosystem into your garden. Consider adding a small water fountain if you want to go all out.

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