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Welcome! We are starting a new series on  how to start a blog to make money. YAY!

I have resisted this for a long time but it is becoming unavoidable. I just realized we are working with over a dozen people asking me how to start a blog. It seems that everyone wants to know how to start a blog to make money.

This series should be a great resource for anyone who is blogging as a home business,  wants to make a website for their company, or would like to know how to monetize thier existing online brand or website better. We are finally breaking down the nuts and bolts of our own business for you to get insights in finding your own success.

First, we want to be honest, we approached blogging from a different angle than a lot of bloggers do, but it works. We are cursed with minds that think outside the box. We have more than two full time employees that maintain our site and we have have learned an unbelievable amount in the last two years blogging. With that said, read this series. It is great advice, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you read. There are other successful bloggers you should follow as well. If you like what we are writing, then follow us and share it with your friends. I will only endorse products we use or know well enough to endorse. But if we do endorse something please click through on our series to sign up. We make affiliate sales and it helps keep this series going.

Here’s a little bit about us. This chart is our month over month blog growth. You can see this has been slow but clear growth over time. In 16 months, we went from 0 sessions to almost 400,000 per month. We will get into growth quickly enough, but get ready for a marathon. You won’t get rich overnight. But, if you have great original content, you will find success.

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Before you do anything, you need to figure out why you are starting a blog. Here are some common reasons we hear from people have already approached us. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I  starting a blog to make money and simply don’t really care what I write about?
  • Will this be a passion project that I want to blog about and only want to know how to make a bit of money on the side?
  • Do I already have a business and want to have a better social media and online presence?
  • Is there another company, following, or site you already have that I can use to leverage to launch my new site?

Your strategy will evolve and be slightly different for each of these questions you answer yes to. But regardless, you will want to find a niche that will provide you with search traffic and then build from there.

To know how to start a blog to make money, you will want to focus on finding a niche with high search demand and low supply of articles. Then find one with  high value keywords so that you maximize your ad revenue. This takes some time but will help you get organic search traffic that is very high value to advertisers and therefore you. To do this, we use Bizxpress. One of the big advantage of this program is that it provides you both the supply and demand for keywords that you will write your articles around. They will help you find a niche that you can dominate and make money from your organic traffic. Here’s a link to their homepage:


Make sure your niche is relevant to your business, or at least consistent with your passions. This is a lot of work and you should make every effort to leverage your current knowledge on a topic, your existing customers, or other areas of influence.

Once you have a good idea what you are going to write about, then you can get a domain and set up your blog. We recommend going to Bluehost for your domain registrations and web hosting.

About this series: This series on “How to How to Start A Blog to Make Money” is from Please follow along as we tell our story of our growth and success and help you find your way  as well. In addition to blogging, we are business people and between us hold degrees in economics, political science, and masters degrees in design and organizational leadership. We will be interjecting leadership, design, and business insights into the process that you are free to use. To help you grow, we offer category-consistent growth programs to bloggers with a monthly subscription. Click the image below to learn more. For more information about this program, you can visit this series.

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