Mint Chocolate Brookies

Mint Chocolate Brookies


My freshman year, I was introduced to the famous BYU Mint Brownies. One of my roommates and I loved these, and I’m pretty sure we ate them way more than we should have. Sometimes I wonder how I didn’t gain the freshman 15, because later on, when I found the recipe online, I realized just how bad they were for me. Lots of sugar and butter…and about zero nutrition.

No wonder they were so delicious!

Even though I don’t think I could get away with eating them all the time like I used to, I still crave them every now and then. A few weeks ago, I thought it would be fun to try to make these brownies at home. As I was gathering the ingredients, I saw someone post about how much they loved “brookies” (aka, a cookie and brownie made into one), and it inspired me to combine my favorite brownie recipe with my favorite cookie recipe. I had never done this before, so I was a little nervous! For more click HERE.

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