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Wishes Can Come True It is easy to overlook things this time of year. We all get so busy and distracted going about our own business that it is no surprise that we can often forget about those less fortunate than ourselves. In our part of the country, not only do people go hungry but many people are also very cold. Many have no safe and warm place to stay. It is our wish that these forgotten and ignored members of our society find shelter, warmth, decent meals and kind words this holiday season. IMG_7943web It is only early December and already we have snow piles and it is only going to get colder for a couple of months. Many people can’t afford heat. There are a lot of great charities out there that do the hard work for all of us. The least we can do is support their efforts. We want to remind our readers that UPS is running the #wishesdelivered campaign. Here’s where you come in. UPS is donating and partnering with charities that you support when you share your holiday wishes on social media using the hashtag #wishesdelivered. We recently visited a local charity that helps people get back on their feet. This charity distributes beds, furniture and dishes for people to furnish their homes. Bedding and blankets to help people stay warm are also provided. To be honest it was humbling to see the many volunteers hard at work sorting and setting up all the donated items. Even more sobering was seeing the people who depend on these organizations to survive, being escorted around the warehouse by volunteers who helped them pick out the allotted items for their family. We got to see the need face to face. The sad reality is that the demand exceeds the supply of donated items Here are some pictures we took to inspire you to go out and support a worthy charity in your area.

IMG_7937web Screen shot 2014-12-02 at 2.22.07 PM IMG_7916web IMG_7942web IMG_7931web

The old saying “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” is painfully true for the people in need. Won’t you help? UPS will help when you do. Share your wishes for this holiday season on social media and remember to use the hashtag #wishesdelivered.

What’s your wish?

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