Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

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Christmas is almost upon us and over the festive period it is important to spend time with family. Make sure you take the time to spend with your loved ones. Often it is easy to overlook quality time with the family. You need to make sure that you strengthen your home life, as well as your working one. It’s important to remember that work is not everything, particularly during the holidays. We’ve all been guilty of overdoing it with work in the past.

You may be stressing out from working too hard. Have you been spending the past few months thinking about Mirvac real estate? Or worrying about the New York stock exchange? If the answer is yes then you need some work free time over the festive season.

A great way to take your mind off the stresses of your job is to make your own Christmas decorations. This is a terrific way of getting into the Christmas spirit, and you can involve the whole family.

Christmas decorations are very versatile, and there are many objects around the house that you can use. You can make use of crafts as well to touch things up. Try involving the kids if you have any.

Customise bauble

A great way to make your own Christmas gifts is to buy blank baubles and customise them to whatever design you want. Baubles are often available in sets of varying shapes, sizes and colour schemes.

You can use glue, glitter, sequins and coloured pens. If you have children, this will be a perfect task to keep them occupied and bring out their creative sides.

Craft shops will sell all manner of handy things you can use to decorate the baubles with. These are available at low cost to you and will serve as a fine addition to your bauble decorations.

Use household items

Make use of household items when considering making your decorations. Even the simplest of things can have a great effect. For example, the cardboard tubes from toilet rolls can make an angels body. Or a fairy’s. Just attach wings, and a head and you have made your very own top of the tree decoration.

With a little effort something like wire coat hangers could transform into, say an advent crown. Make use of what you have around. You may be surprised at the results.

Fill some jars with candy, pebbles or even pine cones. Add some Christmas lights, and you get a unique and trendy looking Christmas decoration for almost no cost.

Bake tree decorations

Baking gingerbread cookies in an array of shapes makes for easy and awesome tree decorations – just add holes in the top so they can be hung. They will look great and smell great.

Recipes for these sorts of gingerbread treats can be found online and are easy to follow. Try to do them between batches of mince pies to break up the process. You can decorate them with various sugar decorations such as chocolate balls and sugar glitter. You could even use confectionary like mini liquorice all sorts.

They will also make tasty Christmas snacks throughout the day. The children and other members of the family can help with the preparation and baking process. It will help bring your family closer together whilst also adding an extra dimension to your tree.


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