Easy Four-Ingredient Cookie Butter Fudge

Easy Four-Ingredient Cookie Butter Fudge


This recipe for Cookie Butter Fudge is easy to make with just four ingredients! You will love this because it turns out so soft and amazing – it’s like eating pure cookie butter but without the need for a spoon! This is a great idea for a holiday treat!

Cookie butter is one of those things I simply cannot resist. I’m already unhealthily affectionate towards Biscoff cookies but the spread – give me a spoon and a jar of cookie butter and I’m basically in heaven! That’s why I knew I had to come up with a holiday treat involving this jar full of love. Now I’ve seen all those amazing microwave fudge recipes but this one is a bit more traditional and cooked on the stovetop. This doesn’t mean it’s any more complicated though! It takes a bit more time for it to thicken but there’s no candy thermometer or other fancy equipment involved!

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