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Hi, I’m Bubba, and I like hearty food and great coffee. This is a sponsored post by Cameron’s Coffee.


I’m pretty tough. But there is one thing that just drives me crazy; plastic. Especially when I have to use it to cook or eat.

After a hard days work, I like to make myself a nice juicy steak and a fresh cup of coffee for dinner. Do you know why steak knives aren’t made out of plastic? Because they just wouldn’t work very well. I just can’t stand that!

Today, I found myself stuck in the cold all day and all I wanted was a thick steak and a hot cup of Cameron’s great coffee. I like Cameron’s because it is filtered with paper.

IMG_8697web IMG_8698web IMG_8699web

Here’s what happened:

You wouldn’t want to eat a great steak off of a plastic plate with plastic utensils. Why would you drink great coffee brewed through plastic?


Doesn’t this look better? Cameron’s coffee is filtered through paper rather than plastic.


Cameron’s Coffee now offers coffee drinkers the choice to still have the convenience of single serve coffee, but brew their coffee through a coffee filter, instead of a plastic cup. Drink 100% Arabica coffee handled with exceptional care and quality with Cameron’s new Single Serve Coffee and experience what coffee can taste like without the burnt plastic taste. Cameron’s Handcrafted Coffee Filtered Single Serve is available in 12 premium flavors, and made of 100% Arabica Coffee (which is 100% tasty).

Cameron’s Filtered Single Serve are sold in packages of 12 for the suggested retail price of $7.99.

You can create and upload your own Crush the Cups video to receive a FREE box of Cameron’s through December 22nd. The Crush the Cups promotion is live from December 9th, 2014 to December 22nd, 2014. During this time, share your Crush the Cups video on your blog post and social channels with the hashtag #Crushthecups, and submit your video link to


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