Bacon Jalapeño Twiced Baked Potato Bites

Bacon Jalapeño Twiced Baked Potato Bites


Perfect for holiday entertaining or your game day party, Bacon Jalapeño Twiced Baked Potato Bites are mouthwatering two bite appetizers with a spicy kick. Oh bacon + jalpeno. You will be the end of me. I can’t get enough of you. The flavor. The spice. You keep luring me back to add you to endless culinary creations. I love you. Oh twice baked potato. I love you too. I remember one of my favorite parts about last summer’s camping trip was when I enjoyed your cousin – a piping hot full sized twice baked potato. Oh yes. It was good. But not as good as you. I much prefer your smaller size and your spicy attitude. GO TO RECIPE >

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