Why Parents Are Always Tired.

why parents are tired

Christmas time sure is magical. The holiday season is finally passed and as always it was a mixed blessing. On one hand, you get to see the whole family. On the other hand, you have to see the whole family. Let’s face it, family is fun and exhausting. But have you ever looked at the parents and wonder why they try to take naps during the day?

Just watch this video of my family trying to take a picture of the six grandchildren. If this doesn’t explain the effort parents put into the holidays, I don’t know what does.

This also proves that taking pictures of children is basically herding cats. It is nearly impossible.

After over 200 pictures, not a single shot has all the kids smiling. So to try to salvage the experience, I put this video together. I hope all the effort was worth it. I know the pictures weren’t.

Do you have any funny stories to tell about your christmas? Have any funny pictures? share them in the comments below!