Vegetable Tree Centerpiece

A vegetable centerpiece tree is a fun way to decorate your table and serve your vegetables. We did this for our Christmas get together.

All you need is some styrofoam cones, tinfoil, toothpicks and plenty of vegetables.

Start by covering the cones with the tinfoil. You can see the variety we used here in this picture:


When the cones are ready, get out your kitchen knife and start cutting your vegetables into bite sized pieces. Use the toothpicks to poke each vegetable bite onto a vegetable tree centerpiece tree. Notice we used some cheese, olives, and pickles to ours too.

Feel free to use any pattern you like. You should get creative and have fun with this while you do it! We made some simple lines that twisted down and around each tree. We set the first line with broccoli and then built additional lines with the other ingredients. You can see some of the progress we made here:

IMG_9514web IMG_9516web IMG_9518web

Make sure to fill in any spaces where you can see tinfoil. This will fill in the entire vegetable tree centerpiece. For the top, use a star fruit! Duh! Star fruit is usually found at any grocery store that has a decent produce section. Simply wash the fruit and cut is laterally to make the star shape. Then, like the vegetables, use a toothpick to fasten it to your tree.


If you are having cocktails at your party, consider making a Martini tree. Here’s our’s, it is made in the same way but instead of using vegetables, we used olives. Cheers!


As we finished the vegetable tree centerpieces, we started to arrange them on the table. Here you can see a few of the finished trees. Make sure to pick different sizes, and use odd numbers to give your table a great design.

vegetable tree centerpiece IMG_9530web IMG_9531web IMG_9535web IMG_9539web

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