World’s Best Brownies

World’s Best Brownies


Are brownies awesome or what?! All this chocolatey, fudgey, gooey goodness crammed into one bite – irresistible! Though I have to warn you: If you don’t handle recipes containing lots of sugar/butter/chocolate and the such well then I suggest you have someone else make then for you. Because while not actually making them is an option, not trying them most certainly isn’t! They are the best brownies in the entire world after all!

Speaking of ridiculous ingredient amounts – I usually make these Brownies at ski camp a.k.a. 50 people wanting to eat 24/7 a.k.a. Branimir and me in the kitchen from morning to night. The first time we cooked at this camp I was totally overwhelmed by the masses of food we had to handle. Actually it gets me every time. Cream 60 eggs with an infinite amount of sugar? At first it’s scary, then it gets fun and by the end of the week I’m all like “What, just 12 cups of butter? That can’t be right!”

But the best part is going back home and cooking for just two people. The first weekly shopping trip usually ends with us thinking we couldn’t possibly survive with such little food for more than a day when in reality we could probably go on a year-long expedition to the North Pole and still manage to gain weight. And oh, the cooking… I have to remind myself every time for the first week or so that stir-fry vegetables for Branimir and me don’t require a cup of oil and that there’s absolutely no use in making a pound of Spaghetti (or two, of three…) if it’s just the two of us.

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