Sticky Sweet Chili Chicken Wings

Sticky Sweet Chili Chicken Wings


I’ve always felt like there’s two different kinds of people: The ones who eat meat from bones like they’ve never done anything else in their lives and then those who cringe at the very thought of it. I’ve belonged to the latter group for as long as I can remember – never would I have imagined myself eating something like chicken wings. But recently I decided to give them another try and I was blown away by how delicious bone-in meat actually can be.

Now if eating chicken wings is something sounding not in the least appealing to you – stick with me (no pun intended). There is so much more punch and juiciness involved than you’d ever get with boneless chicken breasts – a whole new depth of flavor waiting to be discovered by your taste buds.

But before I tell you more about this sticky-sweet and spicy deliciousness let me elaborate how this recipe came to be. If you’ve been following along my last few posts (like this one) then you are aware of the fact that Switzerland has been taken by a load of snow. Almost the entire country is silently resting below a thick and fluffy white duvet, waiting to be woken by the first touches of spring. But alas, today it hasn’t been a friendly spring awakening – it’s raining. Not a downpour mind you, but just enough to take away the magic of winter and overshadow everything with a dull grayness. This is exactly the weather making me dream of sunny shores somewhere far away. Of white beaches and deep blue water. And of good food eaten in the sunset while the soft sound of distant music is blown away by a soft breeze.

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