How to Manage Your Winter Pest Problem

How to Manage Your Winter Pest Problem

Winter can bring its own series of annoying critters. If you think the summer months are bad enough, the winter has its own set of scary and frightening pests. Of course, pest control is one of those things that is part and parcel of daily life. But, if these critters get into your home, it’s best to evict them without notice. After all, some pests can carry disease and illnesses. So, you need to make sure that you are taking precautions in preventing them from entering your property.

Let’s take a look at how you can manage your winter pest problem.

The Problem with Spiders

During the winter months, the spider wants to come into your home. Not to eat you of course but as a place for warmth and shelter. Usually, spiders are pretty harmless. But, it’s not pleasant to see them crawling all over your home. Spraying spiders is not entirely practical. This is because their long legs are designed to avoid poisons that have been sprayed. So, the key to this is to ensure that you have taken a series of preventative measures to control the problem. Make sure cracks in windows and doors are filled. Holes in walls should be filled in the main. Ensure that you vacuum your property regularly. This ensures that there are no tiny bugs for spiders to eat. Once you have gotten rid of the food source, spiders won’t want to come in.

Mice, Rats and Rodents

Rodents are notorious for squeezing in through the tiniest of gaps. They can gain entry to your home via a large number of ways. Covering holes within your home is vital. But, if you have chimneys make sure that these are covered too. Caulk entry holes so that rodents cannot become lodgers within your house. What is more, you need to keep your kitchen clean. Rodents love to scavenge for stray food. Crumbs are a feast to the tiny mouse. Do make sure that you are regularly cleaning and storing food in cupboards. This can deter the rodent from coming in and feasting on your food. While mice may look cute, they carry a lot of harmful diseases. Leptospirosis is just one of the damaging illnesses that they carry. If you do spot droppings or rodents, make sure that you contact Charlotte pest control. After all, they can breed quickly. You rarely get rodents in isolation.

Mind Your Attic

Squirrels, raccoons and possums may look sweet when they are in your garden. But, they can be rather annoying when they take residence in your loft. They are not prone to disturb humans, nor are they likely to hurt you. But, they can be detrimental to your property as they will chew through anything. Havahart traps are humane ways of catching these animals. Make sure that you bait the trap so that they find a food source. Again, once you have removed these attic pests, you need to seal any cracks and entry points on your home. Yes, there is a pattern emerging. But, sealing vents, cracks and access points are the best way of keeping these animals at bay.

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