3 Ways To Experience 3D Video Without Expensive Equipment

3D Video is Available Free and Online

Did you know you can watch 3D video without any expensive equipment? You can! It works just like the magic eye pictures. To view them, you want to look through them, as if you were staring at the horizon. Basically make your vision parallel each other but focus more closely. The effect you get is a full-color, high definition, fully 3D video that pops out at you as your left eye focuses on a left image and your right eye focuses on a right image. To make this easier on your eyes and your wallet, get some Google Cardboard (under $10). You can also watch 3D Back To The Future style with the super cheap red and cyan glasses. If you have kids, you may very likely already have these glasses in a kid book somewhere. 

View It Free Like A Magic Eye Picture

If you are looking for some content you can view, go to our youtube 3D sterescopic playlist here.  You can watch a bunch of videos we have made. Otherwise, start with this embedded video of a scuba dive in Bonaire. It has a great 3D video of a sea turtle starting at about 20 seconds.

Make sure that the image is not too large, or you will have trouble getting it to merge together because it is hard to make your eyes go walleyed. You can easily get the same effect with your smart phone too.  Start the video and pause it so you are looking at the very beginning. Place your phone at the end of your nose with the screen looking directly at your eyes. Look at the horizon so you are looking through your phone. Slowly move the phone away from your face. You will see three images and the middle one will pop out. You are now viewing this in 3D.

Get Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard was introduced recently. It was a bold message by Google that they won’t be left behind in the the VR and 3D video world. Basically, Google cardboard will hold your phone in front of your eyes at a comfortable distance and then puts a couple of lenses in front of your eye to make the viewing easier on your eye.

You can purchase Google Cardboard here.

Use the Red and Cyan Glasses

Another way to watch 3D videos is to watch it in anaglyph 3D. This way was popular in the 1980’s. Remember that? McFly!

Anaglyph 3D video separates the image by color so one eye sees red and the other cyan. It works, but the resolution is damaged and the color is horrible. But you an probably pick up some glasses for about nothing at a dollar store.

We are making content in anaglyph 3D on our Youtube channel at this playlist. Otherwise, you can see a sample here:

Other 3D options:

There is nothing wrong with viewing 3D for free, or at least very inexpensively. But, let’s face it, these may not be ideal.  For a better experience, get a VR headset like an Oculus. If you look a bit you can also find other brands but Oculus seems to be the leader for the moment. 

If you are up for it, you could also purchase a 3D tv.

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