Cadushy Distillery, Bonaire, NA

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Cadushy Distillery

It’s travel season again. The holidays are over and the spring break vacation planning has started. I just returned from a trip to Bonaire, Netherland Antilles in the Southern Caribbean and am writing a series on this great little island.

Today we are talking to Cadushy Distillery, in Rincon. If you fly or take a cruise ship into Bonaire, you will arrive in Kralendijk. Rincon is a simple drive to the other side of the island up in the hills. During cruise days, there will be several options to getting there including island tours.

When you do arrive in Rincon, Cadushy Distillery is right in the middle of downtown. They have a great outdoor tasting area as you can see in the pictures below. It is totally laid back and worth a stop. If you are traveling with kids, don’t feel like you can’t bring them. They are set up to accomodate tourists and there is a play set the kids can play on in one of the corners.

Cadushy Tasting room IMG_0845web

In addition to the tasting, they are happy to teach you how they turn the native cactus into liqueur. I will let you visit or see their website to see the process, but I can tell you it certainly was interesting. This is the first liqueur I have had that has come from a cactus. These sample jars may give you a couple hints about how they make it… any idea what is in the far left jar?

IMG_0853web IMG_0855web

The distillery makes six liqueurs, each one representing one of the Dutch islands. They also have a vodka, rum and a whisky.

IMG_0849web IMG_0850web

This shot is for the Cadushi of Bonaire.


Besides the tasting, I got the chance to interview Eric, from Cadushy Distillery: (If you are techi-nerd like us, you can watch the 3D version at the bottom of the post)

There. You heard it form the man himself. Come on down to Bonaire and visit Eric at Cadushy Distillery.

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