Where is Bonaire?

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Where is bonaire

I visit Bonaire annually and when I tell people where I am going, the number one question they ask is: “Where is Bonaire?” I usually tell them it is part of the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Most people understand that, but if you are still grasping at straws, it is located in the southern Caribbean Ocean in the Netherland Antilles just north of Venezuela. Here’s a list of hotels and resorts for your convenience.

Getting to Bonaire can be a little tricky but if you are somewhat flexible, you can fly there with a layover in one of a few U.S. cities. Delta Airlines flies there through Atlanta and Houston and you can also take other local airlines like Insel Air and Air Jamaica if you want to change carriers or go through different cities.  If you are coming from Europe, there is a non-stop from Amsterdam. I don’t know what they currently fly, but I know that I have enjoyed watching KLM DC-10’s fly about 100 feet over my head at the public beach coming in to land a few times a week. 

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When somebody asks you “Where is Bonaire?” You can just point them to our site. This playlist of my YouTube videos from Bonaire is raw video, which I think is the best way to see if you like a place before you go.

Bonaire has increasingly become a popular cruise destination. The small island is a quiet stop for passengers on Southern Caribbean cruises. With a port right in the middle of the main city, the quiet town turns into a tourist hotbed during cruise ship days. Next to the port is the city center with several restaurants, shops, and walkways. 

Most visitors to Bonaire enjoy the quiet, laid-back, culture of the island. It is a hot spot for serious SCUBA divers and world-class wind surfers because of its constant wind and a large, shallow, sandy bay on the southeast side.

Flamingos in bonaire

Bonaire is a Dutch island, but almost everybody speaks english. In addition to english, will also hear dutch and papiamento (the local language) spoken there too. Don’t worry about exchange rates either. Bonaire uses the U.S. dollar.

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You don’t have to ask “where is Bonaire” anymore. Now, if you are looking for a laid back, quiet vacation destination, Bonaire is your place to go. 

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