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Spring is around the corner! In the South, people may have already started some hardy vegetables and even in the North, we are most of the way through winter. In two months, all us will either have gardens growing or seeds started.

I don’t need to re-hash all of the great reasons to grow a vegetable garden. You already know they are healthy, organic, fresh, and great learning opportunities for kids. There is something very rewarding about picking the first vegetables of the year. But we wanted to help making the rewards of your vegetable gardening even better with our Gardeners Delight vegetable seasoning pack. now has a line of spice blends and seasonings! These spices are designed and inspired by bloggers made to help you cook great meals. You already let us take great food to your screen, now let us help you bring it from screen to your table. The spices currently come in  4 fl oz bottles like this (The Chicken Rotisserie bottle is shown)

rotisserie chicken rub

Our Gardeners Delight Gift Pack comes with four wonderful spice blends. Bring out the flavor in your gardening and make every dinner exciting with one of the blends in this gift pack:

Montreal Style,

Montreal Style seasoning

Zesty Italian blend,

zesty italian

Coastal Mediterranean,

Coastal Mediterranean Spice Blend

and Herbs of Provence

Herbs of Provence

These spices are great for gardeners. has some recommendations for you. If you like salty goodness, you must try the Montreal Style seasoning. It is herby and salty and is great on about any vegetable, or on a bloody mary. 😉

Try grilling corn on the cob and sprinkling some of the spices on top. Simply dab a little butter or olive oil on and add your Montreal Seasoning for a salty treat, or the Herbs de Provence for a floral and light taste.


You could also grill or broil asparagus. Sprinkle on the flavor you desire on top before or after cooking.

IMG_7877web IMG_4904web

One of my favorite appetizers are wild morel mushrooms. Lightly bread the morels, fry them and add your seasoning.


This is another example of how to use the blends, it is roasted cauliflower salad.


If you want more ideas, you can visit the Pinterest board shown below:

Follow Spicee Gourmet’s board Montreal Steak Rub on Pinterest.

Want to share this? We made you some pins 😉 Are you a blogger? Contact us for about how to get free samples.


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