So you think you want to try Winter?

So you think you want to try Winter?

We have lived Minnesota our whole lives. Winter has it’s ups and downs but you get so used to it that we don’t think much about how it effects the way we live.

When it is really cold, well below zero cold, it can be very dangerous. You really must be careful. In 1996 in Embarass, MN it was -60F. (I love the name of that town) That’s cold by any standard. Cars don’t start. It burns to breathe the air. The ground crunches beneath your feet. You would be crazy to go out in your car without some kind of survival kit and extra blankets to keep yourself warm just in case. Check out this video from Yellowknife NWT.  Watch what happens to boiling water thrown into the air at a mere -30F.

It seems the only time you see the sun in these parts during the winter is on really cold days. Most of the time it is overcast with muted light due to the angle of the sun and short daylight hours.

Last weekend we had an amazingly beautiful day. The sun was out, the wind was calm and the temperature climbed into the 30’s on the good side of zero. What do Minnesotans do when this happens? Everyone goes outside to get the heck out of the house. We live on a lake in the Twin Cities.  One of the lake residents plows a path around the lake. When conditions are right people can skate all the way around the lake. This is a video we took of kids skating on the path. If you have never experienced skating outdoors or real winter for that matter, notice the shadows. This is taking place mid-afternoon. You can also hear the sound of the skates on the ice. For all the complaining we do about the winter, it really can be beautiful. Check out this video:

The boys (4 & 6 years old) just came from indoor hockey practice and they jumped at the chance to skate on the lake. Did you see the cars and ATVs on the ice? How about the bubbles in the ice? In case you are wondering the ice is 20 inches thick which is average for this time of year. It can get much thicker, think ice road truckers.

So to all you southerners, when you get tired of us sunbirds taking over your turf in the winter, get even. Come on up and check out winter. We guarantee that you will be glad that you live in the south.


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