Downsizing? 5 Tips to Moving to a Smaller Home

Downsizing? 5 Tips to Moving to a Smaller Home

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Whether your children leave to begin a life for themselves, you’re retiring or just realize you just don’t need the space, there are very good ways to downsize your home. Not only do you need to downsize your home, you need to downsize some of your belongings.

Selecting Items to Get Rid Of

As you start to decide what will go with you and what will go away when you move into your smaller space, be selective. Items of sentimental value should go with you. Other items should be considered to get rid of. This can include things such as knick knacks, holiday decorations and clothes you no longer wear or may not be able to fit into. Anything in your closet for you haven’t worn in two years can usually go.

Donate, Consign or Sell?

After you designate what you want to keep and what needs to be gotten rid of, consider some options. Donating clothes to charities are not only a tax write-off, but make you feel like you’ve given back to those in need in your community. Other items, such as jewelry, expensive clothing and shoes may be sold though a consignment shop. Check your local consignment shops to see if they’re taking items. If they are, make money off of the items you’re attempting to get rid of.

Yard Sale

After deciding what you want to keep, give away or sell, any other items can be sold at a yard sale. Yard sales can be lucrative and get rid of unwanted or unneeded items when you move to your smaller home. Use online sources, such as Craigslist, but also newspapers and signs at major intersections near your home to advertise your yard sale.

Rent Storage

Renting a storage unit can help you keep your smaller living space uncluttered. Although it may seem you have another bill, some storage units are very cheap. Using large, plastic storage bins to store items can not only make the most of a small storage unit, it can save many items you don’t want to part with. Companies, such as Halifax Transfer Inc, can assist you in moving your items and offers storage spaces.

Make the Most of Your New Space

When you move into your smaller home, purchase items such as shelving units for closets, cabinets and pantries. Other items, such as a small island in the kitchen can provide additional storage, counter space or even seating.

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