Lamb Chops

lamb chops

Lamb chops are very tender and full of flavor. People think lamb chops can be a little gamey, but this is how good meat should taste. The flavor is great, it’s just a little stronger than what many people are used to. For sure it is much richer than white meat and beef. Like many things, if you don’t know how to cook lamb chops, you probably aren’t going to get a great meal from it. This lamb chop recipe uses Spiceé Gourmet’s Mediterranean Meat Rub. Follow these directions, and you can expect tender, great lamb chops. This recipe can be made in a pan or is easily done on a grill too.

This recipe was featured on Spiceé Gourmet’s recipe site. Here’s the link to the printable directions.

Chop the cilantro, mint and cayenne pepper. This will be used on the finished lamb to make lamb chops | dicing ingredients
Season the lamb chops with the Spiceé Gourmet Mediterranean Meat Rub.  Do this at least a few minutes and up to half an hour or so to let the rub really flavor the lamb to make lamb chops | seasoning lamb chops
Use a large pan. We showed a cast iron pan below. Pour in the vegetable oil to cover the bottom. Turn the heat on medium high until hot. Place the lamb chops in the pan to start cooking. We also added a few sprigs of mint to the pan for flavoring as well.
how to make lamb chops | cooking lamb chops
When the lamb chops are golden brown on the outside flip them to the other side . This should only take a few minutes.  Make sure to cook your chops until they are fully cooked.
Before serving, garnish your pork chops with the cilantro and mint.

Frying lamb chops in a pan is one one of my favorite lamb chop recipes. It locks in the juiciness of the lamb and makes the chops a treat to eat.

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