Ouch! 5 Quick Fixes for Severe Tooth Pain

Ouch! 5 Quick Fixes for Severe Tooth Pain


Dealing with severe tooth pain can be an excruciating factor in many peoples’ lives. The pain can be debilitating, causing you to want to scream because it just doesn’t go away. Tooth pain can be caused by a variety of factors, from a tooth that is impacted and pushing through the gums to a tooth that has severe decay that is touching the nerve. Knowing quick fixes to alleviate the pain will help you to feel better until the problem is addressed.

1. Take a Pain Reliever

Unless stated otherwise by a doctor or healthcare professional, taking a pain reliever is a good way to numb the pain that you’re dealing with temporarily. Pain relievers that contain acetaminophen and ibuprofen can help with minor and severe tooth ache. Ibuprofen, in particular, can help with any swelling in the area of the pain.

2. Use a Topical Anesthetic

Many stores sell a wide range of topical oral anesthetics specific to toothache. These types of products often do not last for a very long time, but they can take the edge off of the pain until you can get to a dentist.

3. Rinse with Salt Water

Salt water helps to reduce swelling and inflammation in the area, which could be a cause of the pain that you’re dealing with at the moment. Take a small glass and fill it slightly with salt and then add warm, but not hot, water. Rinse with this for about a minute or two and spit out. You should feel some relief from using this method for your toothache.

4. Floss and Brush Your Teeth Well

Believe it or not, many people deal with massive toothaches that are actually caused by something stuck underneath the gum line. For example, popcorn kernels and meats can easily get stuck under the gums and cause a lot of pain in the area. By giving your teeth a good flossing and brushing, you can get rid of some of the pain associated with this specific problem.

5. Visit Your Dentist

Visiting a local dental office like Eastgate Dental Centre will help you to address the issue medically and get rid of it. You can use all of the remedies in the world, but there are some problems that just cannot be fixed unless you visit your dental provider.

By using some of these methods mentioned for toothache and pain, you should begin to feel some relief. If the pain is overly excruciating and nothing is helping, many dental offices have emergency services where you can go to address the problem before it gets worse or causes an infection within the mouth. Taking care of your teeth regularly can also prevent tooth problems down the road.

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