Waimea Cherry Blossom Festival

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Saturday is always a good day to look for a Farmer’s Market or local small town event. Today’s find was awesome.  Just look at the scenery on the way up to Waimea.

Upon arriving at the Waimea market we were greet by the loud and happy beat of the drum corp.

DrumBooths were filled with every kind of farm-made products like honey, jams, tea, soap and meats. The food booths sold waffles, bread, home-made brats, fritata’s and Thai food. Where to start was the question.

It was a beautiful day and even the ride home provided a few delightful surprises.  We heard there was out-of-this world pork ribs up the road and we ran into people just cooking along the road. There was no place to eat and I noticed they just placed the chicken in plastic bags and sent you on your way. I can’t imagine a pop-up open air deli in the Twin Cities, where we live. The Hawaiian culture has such a gracious spirit and there is always an Aloha whenever you pass by. We can learn a lot from kindness and simplicity.  Maybe this is why I love Hawaii so much.


Getting ready to ship some gifts back home from our morning at the market. I bet the exotic flavors and smells of the island will be especially sweet when we’re looking at the snow. Try to imagine these lovely smells – plumeria & tuberose soap, guava, orange, passion fruit, & pineapple jams and coffee honey and macadamia nut honey. Yum. Hoping to send the spirit of Aloha home.


Captain Dan’s Tips for visiting Waimea. Waimea is a fun town with such a different feel to it. Home of Parker Ranch, you will see lots of pastures and cows driving in. You may check your GPS to make sure you are still in Hawaii and not Montana. There is a farmers market every Saturday that is well worth the drive. If you are coming from Kona or Waikoloa take the Mamalahoa Highway for a interesting view of the island. If you are coming from the north end of the island, take highway 250 for great views of the coast.

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